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R.N.I.B. Bookshare

As a school we have access to the R.N.I.B. Bookshare. This is available for use by our visually impaired students. However, we can also use this for students with a learning difficulty such as Dyslexia, A.S.D. and A.D.H.D 

It contains over 950,000 textbooks in electronic format. And when coupled with the Dolphin EasyReader App (free) enables readers to download and read digital versions of books. Students can customise the texts to dyslexia-friendly fonts, increasing text size, adjusting colour schemes and voice settings to suit their individual preference and have access to read aloud features. They can install this app on their phone and can discretely listen in a lesson with the teacher’s permission or at the very least read at home.

Please find a flyer attached with more information on how to access the app. Students under the age of 16 years need permission from their parents/guardians to use the app.


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