Art and Design

The aim of the department is to enhance the life of the pupil by developing their skills and responding to the world they live in, to prepare them not just for examinations but for leisure and work.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 to Year 9 (mixed ability in Years 7, 8 and 9). Two teaching periods per fortnight.
The aim of the Department over these first three years is to introduce the pupil to the ‘Visual Language’ through as much different media as time and budget will allow. This will cover media such as paint, pencil, pen, ink, paper and card sculpture, collage, computer graphics, mixed media, constructivism, and ceramics in a limited way (dependent on the availability of this resource area). The exercises and projects introduced will be designed to encourage the pupil to explore his environment, to relate to the world of commerce, communication, entertainment, different cultures and their history, to the world of design and function and to the artist’s role in society present and past.
At the conclusion of the 9th year, the pupil should be familiar with the Visual Language and should have developed skills and understanding which should enable them to approach visual, abstract, tactile and design concepts with confidence and enthusiasm appropriate to their age.

Key Stage 4

We offer student the opportunity to study unendorsed GCSE art and design and photography.
We endeavour to foster and promote independent resilient and highly imaginative learning. We give students the skill sets and outlook to succeed in their course and to enable them to pursue the arts at a higher level.
Students work in an encouraging but challenging environment and complete 2 units of coursework and an examination during the course of 2 years. The units are designed to cover all key aspect of the assessment criteria required but allow for the emergence of the students own style and identity.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 & 6
Year 7 Foundation unit- Tone Foundation unit – colour Foundation unit – pattern Islamic Art- deeper learning of colour and pattern linked to Religious and Non- Western Art. Islamic Art- deeper learning of colour and pattern linked with independent designs and mixed media
Year 8 Mexican Day of the Dead- observational skulls Mexican Day of the Dead – pattern and design Mexican Day of the Dead-Independent design and multi-media work Mexican Day of the Dead-Independent design and multi-media work Mexican Day of the Dead – links to Frida Kahlo
Year 9 Josh Bryan Triangulations Response to Josh Bryan through self-portraiture. Luke Dixon research Response to Luke Dixon. Colour pencil- blending work in response to Jenny Saville. Painting in response
Year 10 Drawing techniques within portraiture Painting techniques within Portraiture Final portraiture outcome in response to a chosen artist. Pop Art- Introducing the theme of Pop Art and personal responses. Critical and contextual research work. Development of ideas.
Year 11 Final outcome observation work for Pop Art. Mock exam work related to Pop Art Pop Art outcome Summer exam preparation work. Summer examination  


 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5 & 6             
Year 10PortraitureUrban PhotographyClose up collectionsLinks to critical studiesDevelopment work and finalisation of unit
Year 11Mock Exam – Initial ideas and critical studiesMock Exam – Development and finalisation of unitExternal Exam – Initial ideas and critical studiesExternal Exam – Development and finalisation of unit