Academic Expectations

Our Mission

  • The A Level/BTEC programme of study represents a significant step up from work completed at GCSE. Students are expected to show dedication to their academic studies putting this as a priority above all other out of school commitments, for example part-time jobs and social commitments.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate resilience and work independently alongside the support provided by the staff in school.
  • Students are expected to complete all work set in the required time and to the best of their abilities. The work completed is expected to be sufficient to enable students to make progress in the courses they are pursuing.
  • Students are expected to use study periods in school effectively. The study areas are quiet work areas and students must ensure they use these to work productively and allow others to do so.
  • Students are expected to complete a significant amount of private study outside of the school at evenings and weekends. It is recommended that students complete a minimum of 5 hours per A level/BTEC subjects per week. I.e.: For every teacher taught lesson students should complete an hour of independent study consolidating or deepening their knowledge.