Anti-Bullying Approach at RWBA

What is RWBA's approach to anti-bullying?

What is bullying?

"Repeated negative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe."

-The Diana Award definition

What have we been doing?

  • Our Anti-bullying questionnaire has been completed by 1160 students
  • The uniform questionnaire has been completed by 1079 so that students have a say on changes to be made
  • 435 students responded to a Cultural Day questionnaire sent out to ensure students have the opportunity to have a voice in what they would like to see happen on this day 
  • Centre Point is fully up and running and being used as a safe space for students at break and lunch. Student Parliament are also meeting there everyday
  • Have you seen our yellow balloon arches? We are supporting Children’s Mental Health Week!

You say please, thank you, Sir and Ma’am, open the door for others and walk on the left side at all times; value the school environment, equipment and property.

You take care of your self-talk and support others in maintaining their own positive mindset. You show your appreciation for the support all RWBA staff give you.

You are aware of the equal importance of rest and play and know the difference between the conduct expected in your lesson time and your non-contact time.

You have the right to a good quality education and to seek opportunities which will support your high aspirations. Take a look at our curriculum page.

It has been created by the Student Parliament as a “safe area” for students at break and lunch. The area will be staffed by trained 6th formers who will be on hand to talk to students about concerns or worries, a first line of support before the pastoral teams. This was something which the students said was very important to them last year.  Students will need a Centrepoint pass to attend at break or lunch, this is so we can regulate numbers. This will be handed out by MDSAs. 

The area will also become the area where Student Parliament will meet in the mornings. 

Mr Storey and Miss Falvey
Student Parliament