Behaviour at RWBA

The Royal Wootton Bassett Academy Trust (RWBAT) Behaviour for Learning Policy is underpinned by Royal Wootton Bassett Academy’s values:

“Respect, Wellbeing, Balance and Aspiration”

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy believes that outstanding behaviour and disruptive free learning is necessary for effective teaching to take place and for students to reach their
potential. All staff aim to create and maintain an environment in the school which encourages and reinforces good behaviour. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that society expects good behaviour as an important outcome of the educational process.

In order to achieve outstanding Behaviour for Learning, the school requires parents/carers to support in the following ways:

• Support their child in fulfilling their responsibilities as a student, including attendance at relevant parental meetings.
• Communicating politely with the school through telephone, email, or letter.
• Supporting decisions made by the school in relation to promoting high expectations and good behaviour.

You say please, thank you, Sir and Ma’am, open the door for others and walk on the left side at all times; value the school environment, equipment and property.

You take care of your self-talk and support others in maintaining their own positive mindset. You show your appreciation for the support all RWBA staff give you.

You are aware of the equal importance of rest and play and know the difference between the conduct expected in your lesson time and your non-contact time.

You have the right to a good quality education and to seek opportunities which will support your high aspirations. Take a look at our curriculum page.

Policies and Useful Documents

Mobile Phone Policy

About Mobile Phone Policy here


In-classroom Behaviour & Reward Guide

About guide here


In-classroom Behaviour & Sanction Guide

About Policy here


After School Detentions

If a student receives a detention before 2pm, they are to attend that detention the same day. 

A detention notification email and text is sent 3 times a day:




If you would like to find out more detail about the detention, please DO NOT reply to our automated notification mailbox. Please log in to the Parent Portal and contact reception to find out the contact details of the teacher who set the detention. 

Detentions are held in the B corridor and students are split into rooms usually depending on their year group. They are to complete any outstanding homework or revision during this time. During the detention, the teacher who set the detention will complete a restorative with the student. A senior member of staff is always on duty and they can be contacted via reception. 

Behaviour Documents

Some policies are Trust Policies, such as, Charging & Remissions, Financial Information, Equality Objectives, Whistleblowing Policy and Complaints which are available to view at Ascend Learning Trust Policies – Ascend Learning Trust

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