Our uniform is an essential contributor to the ethos of the school and should be worn in a manner which reflects pride in belonging to Royal Wootton Bassett Academy. Similarly, all students are expected to show a pride in their personal appearance.

RWBA School uniform is affordable, simple, comfortable and smart. Our school uniform supplier is Price & Buckland and can be ordered online.

Acceptable in School

NOT acceptable in school

Trousers: Grey coloured in a traditional full length, formal style.





Summer Shorts: Can be worn after the Easter holidays only

Only from Price and Buckland.

Tailored knee length 




Belts: Black only

No fashion styles eg: skinny, leggings, jeggings, baggy or jeans.

No trousers with metal studs, rivets, or accessories such as labels, fake zips.

No cord, chinos, patterned fabric, casual trousers or branded items.


No fashion styles

No cargo 

No thigh length shorts



No decorative belts or buckles.

Skirts: Grey coloured traditional school style. Must be at least knee length.

No fashion styles, tight fitting, skater, side slits or wrap around.

No figure hugging jersey material, patterned, or textured.

No skirts with accessories such as decorative belts, no labels, rivets, obvious zips or pockets.

Shirts: White long sleeved button collar suitable for a tie.


Summer Polo Shirt: RWBA logoed burgundy polo shirt (can be worn after the Easter holidays only)

No T shirts to be worn underneath the school shirt.

Jumpers: RWBA black logoed V neck jumper.

All jumpers must have the RWBA logo.

No alternative jumper allowed.

No cardigans, sweatshirts or hoodies.

Tie: RWBA clip on tie


Coats: Plain, dark coloured coats should be worn over the school jumper by all students to and from school as appropriate to the time of year and weather conditions.

Coats may not be worn inside the building.

Coats should not be worn as a replacement for the school jumper.

Footwear: Black shoes. These should be plain, leather or leather look, substantial, hardwearing and of a sensible style.

No Heels, Trainers, boots, canvas, fur, or skate shoes.

No fashion styles with accessories such as bows, braiding or studs.

No alternative coloured soles or laces. (except for the rainbow laces to support the stonewall charity)

No coloured branded logos.

Socks: Black or grey ankle socks.

Tights: Black, Grey or flesh coloured.

Single colour only.

No textured, patterned or embellished styles.

Hair:  Hair should be neat and tidy. Hair styles moderate and kept to a natural colour. Hair styles should reflect the general expectations of a professional office environment and the school’s expectations.

For some activities, long hair should be tied back (e.g. for practical lessons or activities).

No extreme haircuts. Eg: shaven heads, mohicans.

No unnatural or extreme hair colouring such as shades of red, rainbow colours or dipped ends.

All hair accessories should be functional and not fashionable.

Make up: Should be subtle, and kept to a minimum using neutral tones.

Where permanent make up, hair extensions or eyelash extensions are needed, discussion with the Academy must be sought (e.g. for medical purposes, alopecia etc.)

No heavy or excessive make up eg: dark brows, thick eyeliner, false eyelashes, bright eye shadow or bright lipstick.

No nail varnish, gel nails or artificial nails may be worn.

Jewellery: should be kept to a minimum. One pair of small stud earrings only. If necklaces are to be worn they must not be seen over the uniform.

The school take no responsibility for the loss of jewellery.

No facial or oral piercing including nose studs, stretchers in the ears, tongue piercings or ear bars.

No bangles, beads or wristbands.

No rings.

Please consult this list when purchasing uniform. If uniform worn does not meet ’the acceptable’ description above, students will be sanctioned and you will be required to purchase correct uniform. Where possible students will be issued with ‘spare’ items that belong to the school.

Students and parents may be given a short period of time to purchase acceptable uniform however failure to adhere to the uniform requirements above will result in sanctions for the student.

Persistent breaches of the uniform regulations will be treated as defiant behaviour and sanctioned accordingly.

To see the Sixth Form Dress Code, click here

RWB Local Youth Network are sadly unable to run a uniform initiative which provided free pre-loved uniform for all schools within Royal Wootton Bassett. 


Uniform can be ordered here


If you have uniform to donate, we are still collecting. Please drop it in to our collection box in reception.