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Coronavirus - COVID-19 Update

New Covid Track and Trace Procedures


Following the Goverments COVID-19 relateed staments on Monday 21st February and Thursday 24th February 2022

The academy will no longer carry out Track and Trace to identify close contacts of a positive Covid case

RWBA Self-isolating and taking a test

  • Face coverings no longer need to be worn in school, however if individuals wish to continue to wear
    them, they can. Staff working in very close proximity to students will be recommended to wear them.
  • Face coverings are recommended on transport.
  • Routine Asymptomatic LFDs no longer need to be carried out. However;
    • I would ask that if your child/young person displays symptoms, the shoudl test before coming to school. 
  • If an LFD is positive, or your child/young person has symptoms:
    • a new continuous coug
    • a high temperature
    • a loss of taste or smell
  • Stay home.  LFD test on the 5th day and following 2 successful negative tests, within 24 hours, your children/young people will be able to return to school.
  • Do be aware that if any child/young person is considered to be COVID-19 positive or is suspected of being
    so, we will refuse to admit them.
  • Contacts will no longer need to 'self-isolate'.
  • Track and Trace has ended.
  • Government advised Control measures still in place are:
    • Good hand hygiene
    • Respiratory hygiene
    • Maintaining good cleaning regimes
    • Ventilation and with Spring nearly upon us, this will get easier
You should inform the absence email address with all necessary information.