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Year 8

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Art and Design Mexican Day of the Dead- observational skulls Mexican Day of the Dead – pattern and design Mexican Day of the Dead-Independent design and multi-media work Mexican Day of the Dead-Independent design and multi-media work Mexican Day of the Dead - links to Frida Kahlo
Computer Science Baseline Tests
Algorithm Design
Algorithm Design Small Basic Electronics Video
Design and Technology Engineering - Nightlight*

Food - Pizza Toast, Flapjack
Pasta Salad, fruit salad*
Textiles - Matisse inspired cushion* Graphics – Chocolate bar & foamboard clock* 3D Design – Bug house* Engineering – Headphones storage

Textiles – E-Textiles hanging decorations
Drama Relationships Melodrama Runaways Woman in Black - Scripted Political theatre - Brecht Little Sister
English Spy Fiction writing Romeo and Juliet Animal Farm War Poetry Modern Play – teachers choice Argument and Debate
Ethics and Philosophy Prejudice (racism, gender equality, UNCRC) Prejudice term 2 - Genocide education Do we live again?
Islam in the modern world Rights education Family, sex and contraception
French Famille et domicile
Family and home
Temps libre 
Free time
Les sorties
Going out
Manger et boire
Eating and Drinking
Voyages et vacances Les copains
German Essen und Einkaufen
Food and shopping
Die Ferien Wir gehen aus Nach der Schule Austausch
Geography Tectonics Ecosystems Population Coasts Problem Planet Asia (Human and Physical)
History Agricultural revolution and Industrial revolution Empire and Slavery World studies: Early America and French revolution Chartism and suffragettes Independent project on either: Victorian everyday life, Explorers, Health in Britain

Crime and punishment
Mathematics Whole numbers and decimals
Measure, perimeters and area
Expressions and formulae

Fractions, Decimals and Percentage
Angles and 2D shapes
Mental Calculations
Transformations and symmetry

Written and calculator methods

3D shapes
Ratio and proportion

Everyday maths

Music Wimoweh and South African music, Calypso Music and music from the Caribbean Composing music for adverts and developing ukulele, singing and ensemble skills The Blues and Reggae ensemble band performances
Physical Education Units of work covered across the year - House sports education, Invasion Games, Leadership, Net & Wall Games, Health & Fitness, Aesthetics, OAA, Striking & Fielding, Mindfulness and Athletics. These are taught on a carousel so which will be covered when will vary. 
Science Biology: Specialised cells, muscles and joints and exercise
Chemistry: particles and separation techniques
Physics: electricity and resistance, resultant forces, pressure, magnets and electromagnets
WS: graphs, explaining & evaluating
Biology: respiration, fertilisation, inheritance and ecology
Chemistry: chemical reactions and environmental chemistry
Physics: energy and efficiency, heat transfer, waves and colour, space and weight
WS: maths skills
Spanish La Gente Vamos a salir… Mis Vacaciones La Comida De Moda Un Viaje a Barcelona