Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Funding at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy

The government recognises that students from more disadvantaged backgrounds tend to do less well in school. To combat this, they have introduced the Pupil Premium fund to support these students in school. Children with parents in the Services are also in receipt of funding but we recognise their needs are different from students from a disadvantaged background. By disadvantaged, we mean students who receive Free School Meals (FSM); who previously received Free School Meals (Ever 6) and Children who are Looked After (LAC).

At Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, we aim to deliver quality first teaching to all students, regardless of social background. However, through extensive evaluations and strategic planning, we have a catalogue of support strategies in place for our students in receipt of the Pupil Premium.

Overall Aims:

  • Provide opportunities for personal development with the intention of building aspiration, ambition and motivation.
  • Through understanding and responding to data, provide Maths and English intervention for underachievers with the aim to improve numeracy and literacy skills from KS3 onwards.
  • Evaluate and seek impact of interventions on learning and progression through tracking data.
  • 100% of students to achieve their Minimum Expected Grades.

Frequently asked questions

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Emily Nash is our strategic lead for Pupil Premium. If you have any enquiries, please contact her on enash@rwba.org.uk