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Year 9

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Art and Design Josh Bryan Triangulations Response to Josh Bryan through self-portraiture. Luke Dixon research Response to Luke Dixon. Colour pencil-blending work in response to Jenny Saville. Painting in response
Computer Science

Algorithm Design
Basic Python

Advanced Python Turtle Turtle
Binary Web Design
Design and Technology Engineering – Headphones storage

Textiles – E-Textiles hanging decorations
Engineering – Mobile phone holder

Textiles – Food inspired 3D textiles products
Graphics – Food/sweets treats inspired branding/illustration project
3D Design – Test tube storage device
Food – Meatballs/burgers, fresh pasta, white chocolate cheesecake
Drama Witches Script - Confusions Practitioners Devising from stimulus Verbatim Theatre Genre and devising work
English Dystopian Fiction + Dystopian Literature Route Non Fiction and Media + Dystopian Literature Route Gothic Fiction + Gothic Literature Route Romantic Poetry + Gothic Literature Route Shakespeare Play – non GCSE Shakespeare Play – non GCSE
Ethics and Philosophy Good and Evil (existence of God) Crime and Punishment Religion & Science Drugs and alcohol Peace and protest Morality and cloning
French Ça t’intéresse?
L’avenir Future En bonne santé? Healthy lifestyle Il était une fois… On y va!
German Die Medien
Die Zukunft
Coole Schule
Meine Welt, Deine Welt
Leute Heute
Geography Global Snowball Urbanisation GCSE Skills Living World Living World / Challenge of resource management Challenge of resource management - UK resources
History World War One Democracy and dictatorships World War Two Holocaust and Cold War GCSE course content begins: medicine in Britain Medicine in Britain
Mathematics All number skills for appropriate level All algebra skills for appropriate level All shape, space and measure skills to the appropriate level   Calculations 1 and expressions Angles and polygons and handling data 1 Fractions, decimals and Percentages and Formulae and functions  
Music Jazz keyboard performance and Chasing Cars ensemble band performance Composing and arranging music for film. 
Beatles ensemble band performances
End of KS3 ensemble band and keyboard performances
Physical Education Units of work covered across the year - House sports education, Invasion Games, Leadership, Net & Wall Games, Health & Fitness, Aesthetics, OAA, Striking & Fielding, Mindfulness and Athletics. These are taught on a carousel so which will be covered when will vary. 
Science • Cell Biology
• Atomic structure & the periodic table
• Bonding & structure 1
• Energy and its forms
• Introduction to forces 1
• Plant biology 1
• Ecology 1
• Bonding & structure 2
• Chemical changes
• Introduction to forces 2
Spanish Los medios de comunicación El Instituto La Salud Ganarse la vida El Mundo Hispano Festivals: GCSE Topic