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Year 8 Remote Learning Resources

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Term 2

English Noughts and Crosses

Main topic/chapter 


Main Learning ideas 

Hegarty link 

Block 4 

Working in the Cartesian Plane 

Knowledge Check 

W01 Coords in 4 quadrants 



W02 lines parallel to axis 

W03 y=x 

205 - Drawing line graphs from coordinates 



W04 y=kx 

201, 202, 203, 204 


W05 direct proportion 

(Ext: W06 gradient) 



W07 y=x+a 



W08 negative gradients 



W09 link to linear sequences 



W10 plot y=mx+c 

(Ext: W11 non linear) 

206 - Straight line graphs 1 

251 - Drawing quadratic graphs 


W12 midpoint 

200 - Midpoint of a line segment 





Block 5 

Representing Data 

Knowledge check 

W01 Scatter Graphs 

453 - Scatter graphs (1) 



W02 Correlation 

W03 Line of best fit 

454 - Scatter graphs (2) 



W04 Non linear relationships 

W05 Identify different types of data 

392 -Types of data 1 (primary/secondary) 

393 - Types of data 2 (discrete/cont) 


W06 Ungrouped freq tables 

W07 Grouped freq tables 

401 - Tally charts 

402 - Grouped frequency tables (discrete) 


W08 Grouped discrete data 



W09 Continuous data 

403 - Grouped frequency tables (continuous) 


W10 2 way tables 

422, 423 and 424 are good for two-way tables but all include probability 



Knowledge check for Block 6 


Block 6 

Tables & Probability 

W01 Sample spaces 

W02 Probabilities from sample spaces 

358 - probability of more than one event (1) 

359 - probability of more than one event (2) 


W03 Probs 2 way tables 

422, 423, 424 - Two way tables 1, 2 & 3 


W04 Probs venn diagrams  

383 - Venn diagrams for probability (1) 


W05 Product rule 


671 - Product rule for counting 


Science Year 8 Science
Art and Design Grayson Perry's Skull
Computer Science Links to Class Notebooks:  8BA1 :: 8BA2 :: 8BE3 :: 8BE1 :: 8BE2 :: 8CO1 :: 8CO2 :: 8WI1 :: 8WI2 :: 8WO1 :: 8WO2
Design and Technology Your teacher will email work to you
Drama Year 8 Drama
Ethics and Philosophy Refugees

Destination vacances - Go to Allez 1 Module 7 Destination Vacances - Log onto Kerboodle, open digital textbook & complete listening/reading tasks from unit 7 Destination vacances

Geography Population
History 1857 Conflict in India
Music Wimoweh
Physical Education

The Physical Education National Curriculum is designed to embed student competence, confidence and expertise in practical techniques. Whilst applying them across different sports and physical activities. It is the aim that all should understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work. Within units of work and lessons pupils will explore and learn skills in isolation, linking skills, decision making, knowledge of the body in action, fitness development, analysis and leadership skills. These assessment areas are delivered through an array of activity areas including invasion games, net and wall games, health and fitness, striking and fielding, athletics, aesthetics, OAA and lessons in leadership.

All students will have a minimum 2 hours of PE per week and also have the opportunity to learn and develop specific sport skills through attending a vast array of extracurricular activities before, during and after school. Our high-quality PE curriculum ensures all students follow a broad and balanced curriculum that offers a wide range of activities and challenges. Where they develop a wide range of physical, personal and social skills that enhance their whole school learning. As a result, they develop the confidence to take part in different physical activities and learn about the value of healthy, active lifestyles.

miMOVE - Learning and be active when at home; We have linked up with the fantastic providers of the app ‘miMove.’ Pupils are encouraged to use this app to log all the physical activity they complete outside of normal school hours. This will allow us to celebrate the efforts and activity levels of pupils outside of their PE lessons.

Where you are at home during your PE lessons, we would ask you complete 2 hours of physical activity a week. As per your timetabled PE lessons (you can do more if you wish). The activity can be anything you would like. Your PE teachers are able to answer any questions you might have via email and using the chat option on SMHK. We will also help suggest ideas of things you could do at home via SMHK and where requested.

The miMove app can be downloaded from app stores for smart phones and tablets. You have been sent your log in details. Your username is the same as the one you use for school. If you are struggling to log on please get in touch with your PE teacher who will be happy to help.