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Design and Technology

Key Stage 3

*DT operates a carousel where pupils spend two terms on per project until the end of term 4 of Year 8.
Design and technology has a statutory programme of study at Key Stage 3. The statutory programmes of study are an important element of
the wider curriculum and establish the core entitlement for all pupils.
In Design and Technology pupils combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make products and systems
that meet human needs. They learn to use current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments. They learn
to think creatively and intervene to improve the quality of life, solving problems as individuals and members of a team.

Key Stage 4


Engineering is everywhere! Almost everything you eat, wear, use and like to do involves engineering, from everyday things like your mobile,
computer and clothes to medicine, space, national security and renewable energy, to tackling climate change, providing clean drinking
water or ensuring sustainable food supplies. Choosing engineering will provide you with lots of exciting opportunities and career paths for
the future! Choosing to study for a BTEC First Engineering qualification is a great decision to make for lots of reasons. The qualification will
give you the opportunity to gain specific knowledge and understanding in engineering, and will help you to sharpen your skills for
employment or further study

Food, Preparation and Nutrition

This specification aims to give candidates a broad understanding of nutrition and its global applications. The units allow candidates to look
at a wide variety of topics including meal planning, consumer education, food preparation & cooking, forming strong links with other
subjects. The units aim to provide candidates with knowledge and skills they can use in everyday life as well as in a wider community
context. As a result, the course is very broad and there is a lot of choice available.

Graphic Products

This specification has been designed to encourage candidates to be able to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a
range of graphic and modelling materials. Candidates will be enthused and challenged by the range of practical activities possible. They will
be encouraged to learn through images to use, understand and apply colour and design, to develop spatial concepts, and to understand
graphic materials and their manipulation. They will design and make product(s) using a graphic media and new technologies to prepare
them for the world of work. Topics studied will include materials, commercial manufacture, past and present inspiring designers, drawing,
rendering and presentation techniques, net developments, social, cultural, moral, environmental, economic and sustainability issues and
ICT and hand design and make skills.

Art & Design 3D Design

Students who take this subject will have the opportunity to work with a variety of materials ranging from paper and card to timber based
materials and modern smart materials. They will look at creativity and innovation in products and consider how products have evolved over
time. They will also show an understanding how major design movements and products have influenced design. They will use CAD/CAM to
produce high quality products and will look at how products are manufactured in industry!

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 7 Engineering – Nightlight* Textiles - Matisse inspired cushion* Graphics – Chocolate bar & foamboard clock* 3D Design – Bug house* Food - Pizza Toast, Flapjack
Pasta Salad, fruit salad*
Year 8 Engineering - Nightlight*

Food - Pizza Toast, Flapjack
Pasta Salad, fruit salad*
Textiles - Matisse inspired cushion* Graphics – Chocolate bar & foamboard clock* 3D Design – Bug house* Engineering – Headphones storage

Textiles – E-Textiles hanging decorations
Year 9 Engineering – Headphones storage

Textiles – E-T extiles hanging decorations
Engineering – Mobile phone holder

Textiles – Food inspired 3D textiles products
Graphics – Food/sweets treats inspired branding/illustration project
3D Design – Test tube storage device
Food – Meatballs/burgers, fresh pasta, white chocolate cheesecake
Year 10 ‘Typography & me’ project – Introduction project involving the creative illustration of your name or initials.
Title page – Developing the skills of illustration and an awareness of on-trend fonts and graphic styles
‘Bunny Repeat Print’ Project – To develop illustration skills and your awareness of trends in current graphic design, key terminology and required analysis skills. Learning how to use composition, colour and Photoshop skills in order to make a commercially viable graphic print.
‘Simply Nature’ Project– Developing illustration skills by using single lines to create innovative and eye-catching graphic images of natural forms.
‘Favourite Foods & Delicious Drinks’ Project – Developing your modelling skills by creating 4 card and/or paper illustrations of your top 4 favourite foods and drinks.
‘Colour Theory & On-trend Monoprint’ Project – Basic terminology, colour emotion theory and understanding the use of colour when illustrating for commercial design.
‘Typography Theory & Innovative Menu’ Project – Understanding font anatomy and learning from existing on-trend products and typographers in order to design your own innovative menu. 
CONTD: ‘Typography Theory & Innovative Menu’ Project – Understanding font anatomy and learning from existing on-trend products and typographers in order to design your own innovative menu.
‘Mini Cereal Box’ Project – To design and make a commercially viable prototype mini cereal box for a child which includes the development of a unique character based on the styling of an existing children’s book illustrator of your choice.
Coursework (60%)
Primary research for Bristol Zoo project (Mindmap, photographs, photo analysis, replications)
Coursework (60%)
Primary research (existing products, summary of intentions) & secondary research (Illustrator research, image analysis, replications and evaluations)
Coursework (60%)
Secondary research (Illustrator research, image analysis, replications and evaluations) & ideas and development
Year 11 Coursework (60%)
Ideas & Development
Coursework (60%)
Ideas & Development; Making of practical items
Examination Preparation (40%)
Primary & Secondary research
Ideas & Development; Practical exam end of April