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Students who have a GCSE profile which is majority of 8/9 should be looking to apply to top universities – if they are predicted AAA* at A level then they are potentially Oxbridge candidates.

The Oxbridge group is formed just prior to Christmas in Year 12 and meets regularly from that point. Royal Wootton Bassett Academy are assigned a liaison officer from Oxford and Cambridge and they will visit the Academy at an appropriate time in the year so that they can talk to students about their applications.  Students have the opportunity to visit Oxford and Cambridge and participate in a variety of schemes ranging from study days to summer schools.

  • Cambridge University Shadowing Scheme
  • Eton Summer School
  • Oxford UNIQ Summer School

The Oxford entrance exams are held within school in early November each year and subject areas provide support to students in their preparation for these exams.

The Mathematics Department teaches the AEA Mathematics course and provides support for STEP papers which are requirements for some Oxbridge courses.

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy are proud of our Oxbridge successes and will continue to support students in their quest to attend the best possible universities.


Students who are applying to medical school, dentistry or vet school receive support from the Sixth Form team. Students are encouraged to attend Medlink and Vetlink courses and mentors are provided to guide students in their applications.