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Support and Guidance

We pride ourselves on being a supportive and approachable team. If students have concerns relating to their studies or family or personal life we are happy to assist in whatever way we can.
We also ensure that students are given the correct advice and guidance on their approach and application to their subjects. This is particularly important when students join year 12. We encourage independence but are happy to put in place strategies to guide students through exam periods and help foster a healthy balance of work and play when the going gets tough.

All students are allocated to a House in order to link with the wider school and feel part of the school community and events.  Students can get involved in all House competitions and activities throughout the year and work collectively towards gaining points for their house.

Our skilled team of Personal Tutors will support students daily through their iLearn sessions and throughout their Sixth Form life. They are a first point of contact for parents should there be any concerns. They work with the students on drafting their applications for UCAS/Jobs and provide invaluable insight through their experience. The Deputy Head of Sixth Form also acts as a further source of support.

There is a school counsellor and nurse available to Sixth Form students. Sessions are confidential and available for self-referral.  We also have a designated Sixth Form Support Manager who is available to support students.

We accept life is not always smooth and events can impact on studies. We urge students and parents to keep us informed so that we can intervene as early as possible.

The biggest support for students is around applying for Jobs or completing UCAS applications for University. Aim Higher Days and support through regular iLearn sessions guide students through the process and help prepare Personal Statements, CV’s, and student finance.


We have a comprehensive programme which includes personal and road safety, internet safety, study skills, financial awareness, preparing for life after A Levels - UCAS applications and interview skills support. We invite expert speakers in and set days are arranged during the year solely for the programme.

What can I get involved with?

  • Volunteering (support with school events and trips)
  • Mentoring students in Year 7
  • Sixth Form Student Leadership Team
  • Charity Events and Fundraising
  • House Captains
  • Trips abroad and hosting students (eg. Exchange visit with Rock Ridge High School Virginia USA)
  • Recruitment Events (eg. Touring candidates for teaching posts around the school)
  • Attending Recruitment fairs to represent Royal Wootton Bassett Academy
  • Personal Development Day Events
  • Challenge Week (helping charitable organisations with a project)
  • House Activities and Sports Events
  • Senior Choir
  • School Productions
  • Skills Enrichment Activities
  • Work Experience Opportunities
  • Local Events and Celebrations in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Role of the Tutor

The relationship that you have with your tutor is an important one. You will see them on a daily basis and will also have 2 academic reviews/progress reports each year in the Sixth form. Your tutor will be the main source of any information regarding general 16+ matters and the person who informs you of the many opportunities offered by the Sixth Form when they occur.

The tutor also has the important role of drafting ‘your reference’ that will hopefully get onto the desired course at university or the job of your dreams – so it is useful that you get to know them well. Any problems of a personal or academic nature should be first notified to your personal tutor.

All students are expected to provide a parental email address/emergency contact number so that we can keep parents in touch and their own personal mobile number.

Changing & Dropping Subjects

Once you have started your chosen course of study, it is possible to change individual subjects if you discover that the subject is not what you expected it to be, either in content or level of difficulty. This change must occur WITHIN FOUR WEEKS OF STARTING THE SUBJECT, as if it happens any later than this, too much work from the ‘new’ subject will have been missed.

Any changes will always have to be done in consultation with subject teachers, tutors, and the Deputy Head of Sixth Form. There is a form to fill in and once this has been returned with all the necessary signatures the change will be considered to have taken place.

During the fourth week of the first term you will meet with your tutor and it is at this point that you can drop from 4 subjects to 3 or change subjects. Once this week has finished your programme of study is established and it is only in exceptional cases, reviewed by the Head of Sixth Form, that a student may drop/change a subject. 


If your son/daughter has any special needs/learning arrangements, we have support in place for on-going assessment to determine what additional support is required for learning and examinations. It is essential that students are aware of the need to be “Assessed” if they think they qualify for Exam Consideration, and also if they want to apply for Financial Support at University. It is recommended that both of these are completed by the end of Term 2 or Christmas. Please ask a member of the Sixth Form Team or their Tutors for further details.


If you are feeling stressed, concerned about issues at home, need to confide in someone and don’t know who, don’t suffer in silence. You can feel free to approach any member of the Sixth Form Team. The Sixth Form also has access to counselling support and referrals can be made through the Head of Sixth Form

Mental health issues will be covered by the pastoral team during ilearn and PD sessions.  First Aid assistance is provided through the Main School Reception. lists useful support helpline information

NHS Direct - Health advice and information  - 111 (24 hrs - non 999 emergency)