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We use various forms of communication to keep you in touch during your time with us. The most obvious is on how you are doing through our Monitoring, Reporting and regular assessment. The performance Staging Process is also there to support you and help you focus to achieve the results you are capable of. We hold talks on Higher Education, with external speakers and visits to local Universities.

You will also be required to attend Year Group and Joint Year Group Assemblies where the Deputy Head of Sixth Form will keep you in touch with events, opportunities, and deadlines. Your daily iLearn sessions with your Tutor will be the most important way of receiving regular information about activities, tasks you need to do, volunteering opportunities and much more. Other forms of communication are via Information Evenings, Website, Newsletters, School Email, so it is important to keep your in-boxes and sent mail cleared.

We participate in Personal Development days where speakers are invited in, and themed activities are provided. This is a good opportunity to work with students you don’t normally have a lot of contact with and build up good teamwork skills. Don’t forget the Notice Boards, we keep these up to date re University Open Days, application deadlines and in the Summer term jobs and volunteering opportunities.