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Students are expected to attend all sessions punctually. As a full-time student, you will normally be expected to be in school from 8.40 am and up to 4.00 pm. Morning registrations are integral and compulsory to your education. Attendance details will be logged daily on the SIMS system.

You or your parent must telephone the Sixth Form Office (01793 841905) by 09.30 am on your first day of absence and subsequent days to notify us if you are going to be away. This is important for all, but vital for any students receiving the 16-19 Bursary allowance.

Discuss with your tutor in advance if you need to be out of school for a good reason.

Use the electronic swipe system located in the Sixth form Reception by the lift to log your presence in school. Fire regulations insist that we can account for all people in the building.  This does not preclude you from attending the iLearn session to register with your Tutor. If you arrive after the register has been taken, you must use the electronic swipe to sign in and give reasons. If you need to go out of school for any reason other than for agreed study leave, you must use the Electronic Sign Out Screen. For Health & Safety reasons and fire drills we need to know your whereabouts.

Holiday/Absence Applications

Students must complete a Holiday/Absence Request Form. Any Holiday applications during term time must be authorised by the Head of Sixth Form. The school policy for holiday can be found on the website. Long Term Absence through illness will be dealt with by the Deputy Head of Sixth Form and subject teachers on an individual basis.