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Mobile School App

Triumph is an application for iOS and Android devices that gives you push notifications whenever a teacher awards you an achievement for your work.

This allows you to easily track the achievements you are being awarded in your subjects.

If you do not have an iOS or Android phone, you can still see your achievements by logging into the intranet each day.

Who Can Use The App?

Currently students in Year 9 and Year 10 can use the app as they already have login credentials.

Lower school students in other year groups do not currently have access at this time, although we aim to provide them with access at a later date.

Parents do not have access this academic year, although we will look at providing access at a later date.

Parents, and students not in Year 9 or 10, can still access achievement logs by logging into the intranet.

How To Install The App

The app is currently available on the Apple App Store (for iOS) and the Google Play Store (for Android). Click the link below to visit the relevant page to install it.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Signing into the App

The app uses SIMS ID to sign in. A SIMS ID account was created for students by the school when they choose their options in Year 9. At that time, each student had to select an account provier to link their SIMS ID account to (e.g Google, Facebook, Office 365 etc).

As a school, we recommended to students that they linked their SIMS ID account to their Office 365 account (i.e their school email address and password). Assuming students did this, they can log in with the following steps:

  1. Once the app has launched, click the Log in with SIMS ID button


  2. Click the Sign in with Office 365 button.


  3. Enter your school email address and password.

    If you are an Android user, and find your self being kicked back to the home screen in step 1, try signing in again, or if that fails, uninstalling and reinstalling the app again to resolve this issue.

  4. On the Security Settings screen, assuming you have a PIN code set up on your phone, select Keep App Unlocked. We only recommend using a different security setting if you have no PIN code on your phone.


  5. A Preparing screen will be displayed. This can be displayed up to 30 seconds whilst the app is installing.


  6. After the preparing screen has finished, you should see your school photo in the top right of the app which means you have successfully signed in.

If you cannot log in using your Office 365 account, you might have linked your SIMS ID to a personal account (such as Facebook) when you set it up in Year 9. You should try the above steps above again, but select a different login provider in step 2.

Resolving Issues

> If you are having problems signing into the app and you:

  • cannot get past step 3 above
  • or did not fill out your options online in Year 9
  • or were never able to setup your SIMS ID account in Year 9

please contact for support with logging in with your SIMS ID account. We can only respond to emails from students in Year 9 or 10 and responses may take a few days during the lock-down period.


> If you are having issues with using the app after you have managed to sign in, please try a combination of the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Force quit the app, then relaunch it.
  • Log out of the app (Click your photo in the top right, then click Logout) and log back in.
  • Uninstall the app, then reinstall it.

If the above does not resolve your issues, and you are still having trouble after you have signed in, please fill out this form, which will pass the message on to the IT Support team.