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PE Clubs

Coming to clubs- if you want to come to a club just meet the PE staff in the designated year group area at the end of the school day. The PE department will then escort you to the area for your club. A reminder there are no late busses so you will need to arrange your own transport home with your guardian/parents. 

Uniform requirements- All pupils should attend in full RWBA PE kit with any items needed for the specific sport e.g football boots. Where pupils do not have PE on the day that they want to attend a club they are permitted to come to school in their PE kit as changing facilities are still not accessible. Note normal sanctions will apply for incorrect PE uniform. 

Pupils who use buses- If you plan to come to a club and usually get a bus home, you will need to arrange your own transport home from school at 4pm. You will also remain in your period 6 lesson until the school day ends before attending your chosen PE club.