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Key Stage 3

Drama is taught twice a fortnight to all of Key Stage 3 in specialised teaching spaces. Lessons are structured to develop skills in creating,
performing and responding and Key Skills in communicating, working with others and problem solving.

Key Stage 4

Over the 2 years of study, pupils will be assessed under 3 units of work;
Unit 1 – Drama exploration.
Pupils attend a whole day of drama where they are assessed practically by the teacher.
This unit is worth 30% of the final mark. Pupils complete a 6 hour practical workshop on a theme/topic or issue which takes place on a
specific day. After the exploration, pupils record their exploration in an essay.
Unit 2 – Exploring a play text.
Within this unit, pupils will get the opportunity to watch a live show, usually in the West end. They have to complete coursework based on
an evaluation of the show. In this unit pupils study a play by a professional playwright. In lessons they will explore the text through using
mediums, elements and explorative strategies. Pupils are marked practically over the delivery of this unit and their contributions to the
lessons, whilst also completing coursework.
Unit 3 - Performance.
This unit is externally assessed by an outside examiner. Pupils are expected to perform a group practical piece, either scripted, devised or a
mixture of both. This will be discussed with the group on what they feel they would do best on and suggestions from the teacher. Pupils are
individually marked on;
Voice and movement
Roles and characterisation
Communication (to other performers, audience and examiner)
Content, style and form.

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 7 Truancy Acting Skills Storytelling Frankenstein - Scripted Spies Ghosts and Horror
Year 8 Relationships Melodrama Runaways Woman in Black - Scripted Political theatre - Brecht Little Sister
Year 9 Witches Script - Confusions Practitioners Devising from stimulus Verbatim Theatre Genre and devising work
Year 10 Monologues/Horror Stimulus – Aberfan. Live review. Stimulus and portfolio mock. Stimulus mock. Practitioners Component 2 mock. Component 1. Component 1
Year 11 Component 3 – Section A Blood Brothers Component 2 and 3. Portfolio work. Component 2. Visiting examiner. Component 3.  Sections A and B.