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RWBA delivers all of the National Curriculum requirements. We aim to provide a curriculum which:

  • encourages all pupils to learn and achieve their potential
  • provides a broad and balanced education presenting challenging opportunities for all pupils
  • prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life
  • promotes mutual respect and understanding
  • promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development
  • reflects the distinctive character, ethos, aims and values of the School
  • provides opportunities for pupils to develop as responsible citizens
  • uses assessment as an integral component of lessons, for self-evaluation and target setting
  • help pupils appreciate and respect the local and global environment.
  • pupils can enjoy and find stimulating and which encourages their pursuit of learning and excellence
  • provides pupils with the core skills so important for their future success including literacy, numeracy and ICT.

Curriculum Overview

The school day is divided into an iLearn session (30mins) followed by five one hour periods. The school runs a two week timetable and there are 50 periods in a cycle. Sixth form classes may also be taught in a twilight session -Period 7 (3pm -4pm).

PSHE, Citizenship, Financial awareness, careers education and SRE are delivered in five collapsed Personal Development days throughout the school year.

Year 9 Directory of Studies for examination in 2021

Options Booklet 21-22