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Alternative Baccalaureate

The post Year 9 curriculum marks an important stage in a student’s life. The decisions they make at this time will determine their success in examinations and their future employability.

We recognise that not all students will benefit from studying a curriculum structured solely on GCSEs. To succeed in their goals, it is more appropriate to offer a balance of core subjects and practical work to enhance employability. To achieve this, we offer an innovative ‘Personalised Alternative Course (PAC)'.
This programme involves the compulsory elements of Maths, English and Science but it also allows a student to access other opportunities such as extended work experience in Year 10/11, attending a college course for one day a week (eg mechanics or catering), completing units in finance and a BTec in Travel and Tourism. The aim of the programme is to offer a balanced curriculum that includes an academic element, reducing the demand for coursework and creating links with local employers.