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This course is designed to support the Academy's ethos of maximising the opportunity for the student to achieve his or her best in their GCSEs.

Additional Support has been added to the curriculum to aid students to achieve the very best in their GCSEs.  By studying one less GCSE, the extra time is used to help students with their subject choices, relieve the pressure on work load, develop skills and knowledge that will be useful in the work place and to build the students confidence. The learning will primarily be in the hands of the student but encouraged and overseen by teachers.  Each student will utilise focussed revision techniques to develop their understanding of the content of the GCSEs he or she is being taught.  Students will be expected to produce a detailed and effective revision resource for each of their subjects.

There is the opportunity to use the teacher and Teaching Assistants to answer questions about the work undertaken in their GCSEs.  Through a process of joint enquiry the student will be able to address any uncertainty and develop understanding.  There is also time put aside in most sessions to support homework set in the GCSE subjects being studied.  Students are also encouraged to attend after school subject intervention sessions as well as the supported Homework Club.