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Pastoral care is the responsibility of all at staff at RWBA but it is the form tutor who is in the best position to monitor the overall pattern of wellbeing, concerning behaviour and academic progress of students in their group.

Each year group is divided into tutor groups of approximately 27-28 students. The groups are led by a Head of Year and supported by a non-teaching student manager. To ensure the continuity of care for our students, Tutors, Heads of Year and Student Managers (where possible) remain with their groups for the five years from Yr 7 - 11. The Tutor is responsible for the day to day care of students and in particular ensures that students are making good academic progress in all curriculum areas.

The year system sets the ethos for the school as a well ordered, organised, calm, caring community of learning founded on mutual respect and patience.

Each year group has a student manager whose primary responsibility is to support students in breaking down any barriers to learning and aid them in focussing on their studies. The student manager supports the tutor and liaises directly with parents and outside agencies.

Students succeed if there is close co-operation between parents/carers and teachers. We endeavour to ensure that parents/carers are kept informed of academic progress and any concerns we might have. Likewise if you, as a parent/carer, have concerns please contact us early so that home and school can work together to resolve problems. In the first instance, please contact your child’s tutor. If he/she is not available the student manager for the year group will liaise with you and the tutor will contact you at a suitable time.

It is essential that home and school work together to maintain the high standards set with regard to behaviour, uniform, punctuality and attendance. This creates an orderly working environment, where teachers and students can focus on teaching and learning, to ensure that every student fulfils their potential.


The Royal Wootton Bassett Academy House System encapsulates the holistic approach that the Academy takes to the development of its students and staff. There are 5 Houses, co-ordinated vertically by 5 Heads of House.

The Houses are named after the local Wiltshire Bassett's and the names were selected and voted in by the students and staff. Berwick, Compton, Winterbourne, Wootton and Bassett Houses compete in a year-long series of competitions and events ranging from Team Building competitions, Pumpkin carving, Harvest Festival Basket designs, sports tournaments and £10.00 fund raising challenges. International, National and Local charity fund raising play an important part in all competitions and provides the students with a real sense of self in the world.

The House system promotes a strong family sense of identity with the House, and with the Academy and is widely valued by students and staff alike.


Each morning the day starts with an iLearn session. A timetabled, planned lesson that is specifically designed to support students and instill a passion for lifelong learning.

These sessions are delivered by the tutor and cover many areas of the RSHE and citizenship curriculum. iLearn is an integral part of the day for all students and allows accreditation for areas such as learning styles, enterprise skills, personal finance and leadership. It teaches and promotes the skills and attitudes such as innovation, teamwork, creativity and flexibility. All students will study a programme called Visionworks throughout KS3. The iLearn sessions support the Skills for Life (PD) days organised within the school and together form a comprehensive package that supports the holistic development for every student.