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At Royal Wootton Bassett Academy we recognise that regular attendance at school is the most critical element in ensuring academic success.

We have a clear expectation that students should attend 100% of the time. School attendance is the responsibility of the Parent/Carer

School Absence: Please email

Your email should include :

  • Name of Child
  • Tutor Group
  • Person Reporting the Absence
  • Details of the Absence

We understand that sometimes absences from school are unavoidable, especially in times of ill health and family bereavement. In these cases Parents should contact the dedicated absence line (above) as soon as possible, Should we need to contact you further, of if you wish to discuss the absence further, please do contact
the Year TeamParents should email RTS email account every day of a student’s absence.  

School Attendance Process

Students should arrive at their Year Zone by 8.35am, at the latest, as school starts at 8.40am

Registration: The school day starts at 8.40am. All students are expected to be in ILearn before 8.40am, ready for registration. It is important that all students are punctual for this first session of the day as attending iLearn ensures students are ready and prepared for their learning. The tutors also give out important notices and are able to support students with their emotional needs. If a student is late to this session, they will receive a Late (L) mark, if they arrive in school after the ilearn period, their attendance is not authorised (O) for that morning session.

Letters: You are likely to receive a letter from your Year Team if your son/daughter’s attendance falls below 95% for whatever reason – this is to alert you to the fact that the attendance is falling and should not be an issue if the absences have been unavoidable.

School Attendance Meetings: An accumulation of unauthorised absences (O) will lead to School Attendance Meetings with the Year Team and, where no improvement is seen, a possible referral to the local authority Education Welfare Service.

Authorisation of absences will be at the discretion of the school.

An unauthorised absence (O) will be given where the school has no reason for absence or does not accept the reason given.

Holidays in Term time: There are 190 school days per year and 175 other days for holidays, birthday treats and non-urgent appointments. The Academy will not authorise any holidays or time off during term time, unless that request is considered to be for ‘exceptional circumstances’. These requests must be submitted to Mrs Ellis, Deputy Head Teacher, in advance and will be considered on an individual basis.

Where unauthorised holidays are taken, the Academy may refer the case to the County for consideration of a Penalty Notice.

Students may require time off school to attend sporting events, perform in concerts, receive specialist coaching or competing in national/International competitions. These will be authorised on an individual basis.


0 days off school                                                  100%   =          Perfection

2 days off school each Year equates to                   99%     =          Excellent

5 days off school each Year equates to                   97%     =          Good

10 days off school each year equates to                 95%     =          Slight concern, Parents notified of concerns

20 days off school each year equates to                 90%     =          Concerning, Meeting called ‘Persistent Absentee’*

28 days off school each year equates to                 85%     =          Very Concerning,

*From 2016, The Government announced that any student whose attendance falls below 90% will be considered a "Persistent Absentee". This means students are at serious risk of failing to make the progress expected of them and could lead to them not achieving their potential.

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