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Outreach and Partnerships

Challenge Partners

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy has been a member of the Challenge Partners network of excellence since 2011, firmly engaging in the belief that the best way to enhance the life chances of all children is to enable collaboration between schools and trusts to combine our wisdom. Led by practitioners, Challenge Partners create programmes to facilitate school improvement and leadership development, and share great practice. 

As a result of our first outstanding grading from OFSTED we became the lead school for our network which has now grown to 18 schools. This encompasses primary, secondary and special schools from across the whole of Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. The hub aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning, leadership and collaboration across all schools; to ensure that schools are in as positive a position as possible to implement highly effective curricula, and continue to have a positive impact on the life chances of all children. Within this all schools engage with strategies that enable full collaboration, quality assurance peer reviews and identifying areas of excellence that can continue to be shared amongst all schools in the network of excellence. 

Primary Schools 

Ashton Keynes C of E Primary 

Eastrop Primary  

Lainesmead Primary 

Longleaze Primary 

Noremarsh Primary 

Rodborough Community Primary 

Southfield Primary  

St Mary’s C of E Primary 

Wellington Primary Academy 

Wellington Eagles 

Wroughton Infants

Wroughton Juniors


Secondary Schools 

Downland School 

Kingsbury Green Academy 

Lavington School 

Lawn Manor Academy 

Monkton Senior School 

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy 

St John’s Marlborough 

Wellington Academy 

St Laurence School


Special Schools


Silverwood School



Royal Wootton Bassett Academy has had a long and productive relationship with OLEVI, first becoming a facilitation school in 2011. Initially facilitating the Creative Teacher Programme and Outstanding Teacher Programme, these programmes have had a dramatic impact on the standards of teaching and learning at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, with consistently high levels of learning happening on behalf of our pupils as a direct result of more consistently high-quality teaching.  

Driven by the combination of Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Coaching we have seen this impact grow within our own school over the last 9 years. The impact of our work grew into using these programmes as part of the Challenge Partners ‘engine of improvement’. This has enabled us to work with a number of schools and help to increase standards of teaching and learning across the region. 

It was therefore seen as a logical next step to progress to becoming a Designated OLEVI Centre; to ensure that we built both excellence within all of the schools that we work with, and also to leave a lasting legacy within these schools for their consistent development. The fundamental reasons behind our school’s decision to become a DOC were to help establish a network of facilitation schools in our local area and to provide a more regionalised approach to developing facilitators for both CTP and OTP in the South-West. It has also allowed us to greatly increase our provision, to include the Outstanding Teacher Programme Plus (OTP+), the Outstanding Facilitator Programme (OFP) and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP) in our Teaching and Learning portfolio. We are very excited to be able to extend this even further by adding coaching and leadership programmes into our core offer. The Power of Coaching (POC) is offered as a stand-alone programme whilst the Outstanding Leadership in Education Programme (OLE) and Senior Outstanding Leadership in Education Programme (SOLE) are both offered within our leadership development work. 

We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves through continually learning from and with others within our capacity as OLEVI Quality Assurance consultants, and engaging in research and development to help further develop the OLEVI suite of programmes and the impact these have nationally. Ultimately we are seeking to implement all of these strategies so that we can achieve our overall moral purpose; to ensure that children experience the best education possible. 

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