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The Academy is one of the largest in Wiltshire with over 1,700 girls and boys aged 11- 19. Our large Sixth Form has built up a national reputation for academic success. The catchment area includes Royal Wootton Bassett itself and extends to the villages of Broad Town, Lydiard Millicent and Lyneham. Other students come by choice from neighbouring areas including west and north Swindon and we are regularly over-subscribed.

The Academy has a proud record of academic success by pupils with considerable achievement in a range of sporting, musical, dramatic and extra-curricular activities. In spite of its size, the Academy enjoys a justifiable reputation as a caring community encouraging pupils in the maintenance of high standards of behaviour.


Royal Wootton Bassett Academy challenges and inspires pupils to achieve beyond their initial expectations. It aims to provide academic rigour within a supportive and inviting environment. Pupils are presented with a range of opportunities both within and outside the classroom in recognition of our role as educators in the widest sense. This is commensurate with our philosophy that the learning process never ends and is a source of constant stimulation for both staff and pupils. Opportunities for student responsibility, decision-making and high expectations in both the learning and citizenship contexts are important. These, combined with the importance placed on the role of teacher exposition and inspiration, are factors in our success. The effectiveness of Teaching and Learning is continuously evaluated in the light of current best practice rather than pre-conceived dogma and success is celebrated.

Staff are noted for their enthusiasm and dedication. They form a strong team, committed to raising standards and are supported by ongoing training and development. High standards of professionalism are expected from teachers and support staff as well as work and behaviour from the pupils are expected. The staffroom is a friendly place with colleagues being mutually supportive and proud to be part of Royal Wootton Bassett Academy.

The Curriculum – Excellence and Equality

The Academy is committed to ensuring that all students follow a broad and balanced curriculum, which is motivating and challenging. At the core of our curriculum is the agenda of personalised learning in which we recognise the needs, aspirations and aptitudes of each individual student.

The curriculum is currently delivered over 50 periods per fortnight, each of one sixty minutes and additionally through a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.

The Academy for the 21st Century

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy is delighted to be able to offer new state-of-the-art facilities (provided in 2002) as part of a private finance initiative. Staff and students work in superb modern accommodation. We aim to make the most of these to provide the standard of education all young people deserve.

Technology now plays an increasingly important part in our lives and we aim to take advantage of the latest developments. The Academy is fully networked for ICT and has projectors in all classrooms. We are committed to continue to invest in new technologies to raise standards of achievement and harness the global store of information that stimulates and inspires learning.

Within the curriculum Computer Science is taught as a core subject and its use to improve the home Academy learning environment is being actively developed.

The pace of change in the world in which we live continues to increase. It is a salient thought that a child starting school at the age of five this year will most likely leave school to work in a company not yet founded and on technology still to be invented. At Royal Wootton Bassett we believe it is important to take advantage of new developments, which facilitate learning and thus raising standards of achievement. This will enable us to properly equip our students with the skills and qualities required to be successful citizens in our global society.


We believe in...

• Fostering a love of learning, amongst students and staff.
• Aspiring to be our best.
• Providing a broad and balanced curriculum, which presents challenging opportunities and pathways
for all students.
• Facilitating equity for all students through staff/student collaboration.
• Developing a caring community, which encourages respect, tolerance and understanding of each other.
• Valuing students and celebrating all of their contributions and achievements.
• Embedding Children’s Rights and the UNCRC.
• Enabling our students to understand how to be accountable for their own development and choices.
• Listening to the contributions of all students and staff.
• Creating a sense of wider belonging – a shared responsibility for the development of the whole.
• Recognising the value of links with the wider local, national and global communities.

We will aim to...

• Celebrate learning of all types by finding ways to ensure that students enthuse about their experiences,
lessons, their skills and their knowledge.
• Put the student’s experience and needs at the centre of what we do.
• Enable everyone to understand their personal journey through school, through curriculum design and
personal progression.
• Recognise all students and staff as role models and leaders.
• Support and guide students in formulating and achieving ambitious, yet realistic and pathways.
• Achieve a smooth progression through and beyond the various phases of formal education.
• Promote activities, and experiences which provide interaction between the school and wider society.
• Communicate honestly and clearly so that we can encourage the involvement of parents for the benefit
of all.
• Encourage all staff to be informed; to research; so that their voice and ambitions can help to shape our
school to be the best version of itself.
• Secure the maximum benefits from the financial resources available to the school.