iPads and Mobile Devices at RWBA

The ordering portal for the iPad Leasing Scheme is currently closed. At the bottom of this page we have added a form to collect pre-registrations for a further opportunity to order an iPad, should we receive enough interest. This form is not an order form for an iPad, nor does it mean that we will open an ordering portal unless we receive sufficient interest. It costs the Academy to open up an ordering portal, and we do not make any profit from this leasing scheme provided by an external company to offset this cost. It is likely that we will open up this ordering portal again in October/November if there is sufficient interest.

For those who leased an iPad through the first scheme, please be advised that the insurance for the devices ended on 18/12/2016. There is no additional cover that the Academy can provide from this point forward. However, there are still the January and February 2017 donations to the scheme to be collected before we can make the final payment on the lease for the devices.

Our Frequently Asked Questions document is designed to answer the majority of questions about the scheme. We keep this document under review and update it should additional questions arise.

We have now compiled a draft copy of our 'Essential Apps for Learning', which is available from the sidebar of this page. This is a work-in-progress document and may not reflect our final list of apps. 

We have also issued a guide on how to set the parental restrictions on the device. Again, this is available from the sidebar of this page.


Register your interest in the iPad Leasing Scheme

Please complete this form if you are interested in participating in our iPad Leasing Scheme. This is NOT an order form for an iPad. This form is to see how much interest there is in opening up an ordering portal in the future.

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