The main purposes of a school uniform are to strengthen the corporate identity of pupils within the Academy and to relieve parents of the pressures resulting from the vagaries of fashion. All pupils at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy comply with the uniform regulations and the support of parents is traditional and valued.

Major items of uniform with the ‘academy motif’ can be purchased online from our uniform suppliers – a link can be found on the Academy website.

The uniform is an essential contributor to the ethos of the Academy and should be worn in a manner which reflects a pride in belonging to Royal Wootton Bassett Academy. For this reason, inappropriate variations such as flecked colours or heavy patterning are to be avoided. Similarly, all pupils are expected to show a pride in their personal appearance with respect to hygiene, cleanliness and wearing of appropriate hairstyles – please see pg 18.

Parents who experience financial difficulty with the purchase of uniform should contact the appropriate Head of Year who will deal with the enquiry in the strictest confidence.

General Points


Plain, dark coloured coats should be worn by all pupils to and from school as appropriate to the time of year and weather conditions. These should be removed on entry to the Academy. Denim jackets, hats and hooded tops or similar casual clothing are not acceptable and should not be worn around the Academy.


In cold or wet weather pupils will need or want to wear accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves. These should not be worn in or around the Academy.

Marking of Clothing

Every article of clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name written in marking ink or on a piece of tape sewn to each garment.


The wearing of badges or any other type of insignia in school is not permitted. The only exceptions are school awarded badges for responsibility or achievement.


Pupils are expected to be equipped with:


  • Suitable bags or cases to ensure that books and equipment are secure and unlikely to be damaged. Plastic carrier and duffel bags are obviously not suitable. No handbags.
  • A pair of compasses and protractor (180o or 360o).
  • A set of colouring pencils. Felt tip pens are not considered to be a suitable alternative to pencils but certain departments may occasionally permit their use.
  • Pens, pencil, ruler and rubber.


Apart from simple and cheap watches no visible jewellery is permitted in school. Jewellery associated with body piercing, including a nose or eye stud, is not permitted and pupils will be instructed to remove them. Pupils with pierced ears are allowed to wear one pair of studs, ie one stud in each ear. The School can accept no responsibility for security of jewellery.


Trousers: Black. Suitable style and material. Exaggerated fashion styles and materials such as denim and cord are not acceptable. Girls are also permitted to wear a skirt.

Skirt: Black. Suitable style, length ie just above the knee, and material. Exaggerated fashion styles and materials such as denim and cord are not acceptable.

Shirt: White. Long sleeved, buttoned to the neck and tucked in. Style must have a collar designed for a tie.

Summer Wear: During summer term, pupils may wear the burgundy school polo shirt, as provided online from our supplier or from the Library. T-shirts should not be worn underneath. No polo shirt other than the Academy’s can be worn.

Pullovers: Black, V-necked, long sleeved pullover with a Royal Wootton Bassett Academy logo.  Sleeves should be worn down at all times. Cardigans are not permitted.

Tie: New students must wear a clip on tie purchased from the Academy shop. All ties must be worn conventionally.

Socks: Dark. Single colour tone only for boys. Girls may wear White or black, ankle or knee-length socks or black or flesh coloured tights

Footwear: Black shoes. A plain and sensible style. Trainers, plimsolls and boots are not acceptable. Boots may be worn to and from school in exceptionally bad weather but must not be worn at school.

Belts: Plain black or brown only, with no logos.

Hairstyles: Should be moderate and not extreme and reflect the general expectations of a professional office environment as well as the School’s expectations.

Make-up: Nail varnish is not considered suitable for school. Make-up should be subtle.

Sixth Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form dress code is based on how a professional person would dress for work. This means students will be smart, well-presented and businesslike.

The following are suitable – Females:

  • Trouser suit (dark colours)
  • Skirt suit (dark colours)
  • Tailored skirt (dark colours) – knee length or longer
  • Tailored trousers (dark colours)
  • Smart dresses
  • Blouses or shirts (long or short sleeves)
  • V-neck jumpers – not patterned
  • Cardigans – not patterned
  • Waistcoat
  • Tailored jackets
  • Coat
  • Sensible shoes/smart boots The following are suitable – Males:
  • Suit
  • Tailored trousers (dark coloured)
  • Collared shirts (plain, pastels, simple stripes)
  • Ties (optional but preferred)
  • V-neck jumpers – not patterned
  • Cardigans – not patterned
  • Waistcoat
  • Tailored jackets
  • Coat
  • Sensible shoes – black or dark coloured

The following items of attire are NOT acceptable:

Female students

  • Any type of denim (jeans, jackets, shirts)
  • Vest tops
  • T-shirts
  • Low-cut tops
  • Trainers, daps or similar
  • Skirts 4” (10 cm) or more above the knee
  • Leggings
  • Hats
  • Hooded tops
  • Fashion belts
  • Skorts/shorts
  • Flip flops
  • Fashion boots, e.g. UGG

Male students

  • Any type of denim (jeans, jackets, shirts)
  • Large patterned shirts e.g. Hawaiian, lumberjack-style
  • Vest tops
  • T-shirts
  • Trainers, daps or similar
  • Hooded tops
  • Hats
  • Items with logos
  • Flip flops
  • Shorts