GCSE Options


The KS4 offer has been designed to prepare students to make the successful transition into Sixth Form, College or “work with education or training”. It is essential that together, we ensure that the subjects chosen are appropriate for your son or daughter’s ability or talent and that the outcome is of the highest quality. As such, Pathways have been designed that have specific numbers of GCSEs or BTECs attached to them. Guidance will be given to your son or daughter as to which Pathway may suit them best and this is particularly relevant to the Science Option.

For students who are considering going on to University or other Higher Education Institutes, the Government’s suggestion is that EBacc subjects form part of the Pathway. EBacc subjects are the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science (combined or triple), Computer Science plus a language and a Humanities subject (History or Geography). Whilst this Pathway is not compulsory for our current students, it should be a consideration since many of the Higher Education Institutes will look at which GCSE subjects have been studied when making an offer. However, we are also committed at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy to ensuring that the curriculum offer has breadth and depth and nurtures learning and skills beyond the identified EBacc and so there are up to 2 choices for most Pathways from ‘Open’ subjects also.

The attached documents contain the Key Stage 4 subjects that are taken at GCSE.

GCSE Options Booklet for students entering Year 10 in September 2017