Activities that our students are involved in

Assemblies  (within Academy)

  • Years 7 and 8 deliver their own Assemblies to their own Year Groups with the key focus being the Value and UNCRC Rights of the Month with Book of the Month. Impact – improving team building, confidence and presentation skills and developing a growth mindset.

  • Senior Student Leadership Team deliver Assemblies to younger students about their role and the support they offer.  Impact – offering peer support.

  • A variety of students from all Years deliver messages within Assemblies about After School Clubs or key School events.  Impact – improving wider School participation, confidence and social interaction with other students.

Tour Guides  (within Academy)        

  • (All Students) Parent, Student, Visitors and Interviewee Tours. 

  • (Years 7 – 9) Year 6 Induction Day Parent Tours.

  • (Years 7 – 9) Year 5 Parent and Student Tours.

  • (Year 9 and 12 & 13 students) Open Evening and Sixth Form Open Evening Parent Tours.

  • (Years 12 and 13) Sixth Form Tours.  Impact – all ensure greater School participation, improving knowledge of the School and greater interaction with the wider School community.

Peer Mediators  (within Academy)

  • Senior Student Leadership Team running Assemblies and visiting Tutor Groups with advice and guidance.  Impact – provides younger students with role models.

  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors deliver information and messages to whole year groups as well as offer advice and training to younger students in Primary Schools.  Impact – empowers young people to deal with bullying.

Peer Mentors  (within Academy)      

  • Year 7 and 8 Peer Buddies developed from Vision Works Programme.  Impact - See Vision Works Evaluation for impact.

  • Year 7, 8 and 9 Students supporting Induction Day for Year 6s.

  • Year 10 and 11 Bus Prefects.

  • Year 12 and 13 students Subject Ambassadors helping KS4, KS3 and KS2 students.



  • Year 12 Student Ambassadors support literacy among RWBA and Primary Schools for their Complementary Studies.

  • Also Reading Mentors with students with reading ages under 9.6.

  • Year 13 Students working one to one with targeted SEN students in iLearn and subject lessons.  Impact – all provide role model exposure for younger students, support and advice for students in their daily organization and safe-guarding of students.

Positive Promotion of the Academy (within Academy)

  • (All Students) Reporting and promoting key events that the students of the Academy are involved in – eg – Twitter Accounts and NewsLetters.

  • We are about to be assessed for our Level 1 Rights Respecting School Award and are looking to become a School of Sanctuary this year and we have student involvement on the Steering Group.

  • We have enjoyed the participation of two students on the Wiltshire Youth Parliament and this year we are looking to have more nominated through elections.  Impact – students feel engaged, empowered, proud of our achievements and are motivated to celebrate them.


Open Evenings  (within and beyond Academy)

  • (All Students) participate in the Open Evenings by supporting subject areas and taking visitors on tours around the Academy.

  • Students who currently belong to the Fire Cadets, Air Cadets, Sea Cadets and Wiltshire Army Corps attended in full uniform to promote Youth organizations in the local area, including the Fields of Remembrance below.  Impact – to allow students to bring their external interests into School by allowing them to demonstrate their allegiance to another disciplined, organized group.  This activity also improved the wider participation to youth organisations.






Grandparents Open Invite (within Academy)

  • Year 7 students invite in their Grandparents for refreshments and a tour around the school in the 2nd term.  This event is in its 5th year and is successfully attended.  Impact – it allows our older community to see how the Academy works, how current education works and how their grandchild has settled in.  It strengthens those bonds.


Eco Awareness (within Academy)    

  • (All students) In continuous discussion with G4S over where to place Recycling Bins to maximize litter and recycling collection.  Impact – recycling has significantly improved and litter has reduced – see G4S reports.

  • Year 8 students involved with an eco-project with Westonbirt National Arboretum.  Successfully expanded.

  • Year 10 students on the Alt Bacc course volunteer to work with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (in its 2nd year of programme) and with the various Swindon Community Charities – improving the environment.  Impact – raises students awareness of the importance of volunteering and completion of DofE.

  • Year 12 Environmental Projects – see reports.  Impact – students interacting with different communities and becoming aware of the aware of ‘green space’ to students with learning difficulties and wider RWB. 

Enrichment Week (within Academy)

  • This became WellBeing Week, where students were given various workshops, teacher led sessions, interactive workshops and physical/emotional/academic activities to understand stress, the importance of recognising it and how to act upon it.  RWBA welcomed visitors from Core Juicing/Body Shop and those who ran Body Pump/Boxing/Meditation/Yoga sessions for all students. 







  • They did Art based workshops, colouring, created mood boards, healthy foods and making healthy drinks and were taught about the biology surrounding stress and how it impacts on the body.  Impact – students became more aware of what stress was, how to normalise it, how to deal with it, how to life healthier lives.

Harvest Festival (within and beyond Academy)  

  • Year 7 students create themed parcels. 

  • All students contribute towards the collection of food and products.  All students create the displays. 

  • Members of Junior Voices, Orchestra and Bassett Brass Band provide the musical entertainment.

  • The Senior Student Leadership Team provide the readings. 

  • Year 10 students create the smaller parcels and deliver them to the elderly in the community. 

  • This year’s theme was on the Olympic Rings and using them to form opinions about different parts of the world.

  • Impact – full student participation highlights the nature of community at RWBA, students are able to demonstrate skills in performances.  Students are able to interact with the wider community and see actual deprivation and need in our and other societies.











Christmas Lunch  (within and beyond Academy)

  • In 2017, Year 11s served a Christmas lunch to our elderly community at RWBA with full entertainment and quizzes. Impact – full student participation highlights the nature of community at RWBA, students are able to interact with the wider community and see actual deprivation and need in our society.

Christmas Assemblies (within the Academy)

  • The whole Academy is involved in House based competitions and the HOHs lead Assemblies such as the Christmas one, full of celebration and music – oh and a speeding Father Christmas.



Christmas Market  (within and beyond Academy)

  • Year 7, 8 and 9 students participate in a Christmas Market set up by the MFL Department to create and sell products (food, cakes, Christmas decorations) from Spain, Germany or France.

  • Year 6 students invited to Christmas Market to participate in an Enterprise competition.  Students will be encouraged to use the French learnt through KS2 Liaison.  Impact – demonstrating to students in RWBA and the wider community their language skills and their responsibilities for communicating and selling to members of the public.







Christmas Music Participation  (within and beyond Academy)

  • Bassett Brass Band played jazzy Carols to Primary Schools, RWE in Swindon, the Outlet Village and the Brunel Shopping Centre in Swindon.  They also played in the final Christmas Assemblies and around the school Christmas Tree to all the students.  Pictured are (ex student) Tim Rabbit - age 20 – who was the principal trumpet Wiltshire Youth Orchestra, Chris Dyer - age 19, Tom Davies - age 18, Kieran Potter - age 17 - trombone - National Children’s Orchestra, George Staten - age 16 and Alex Harris - age 16 - French horn - National Children’s Orchestra.


  • 27 Junior Voices (Years 7 & 8) visited Ridgeway Care Home and Sainsbury’s to sing to the residents at Christmas.  Staff and Students also played their part by singing at The St Bart’s Carol Service and the Christmas Lights event in RWB.

  • Impact – student participation highlights the nature of community at RWBA, students are able to interact with the wider community and see how they can play a positive part in our society.





Charity Collections  (within and beyond Academy)

  • (All students) collect monies from non-uniform days that are used to contribute towards food parcels, specific charities and Enterprise activities. Themed days for various local, national and international charities.  Impact – students value what they have and the type of life they have, and what others do not have and that giving is a rewarding value.

  • (RWBA) raised over £12,000 last year for Cancer Charities, Save The Children, Winston’s Wish, Sports Relief, Movember, Brighter Futures, Prospect Hopsice, NSPCC, Bliss, Military Charities and Guide Dogs, Young Minds.  Impact – students have realised that they can make a difference to a charity or need that is local, national or international.  They use SV to request who to help.

  • (All students) have completed our Burma School challenge, raising £15,000 in 1 year to build a school in Tamu, Burma and to help provide shoes for all of the children.  Now we are £10,000 into our next challenge to raise £15,000 over 3 years to build a Children’s Home in Ethiopia.  Both ventures come under the umbrella charity – Stand By Me.  Impact – students learn a growth mindset that anything is possible.

  • Year 10s and Year 12 and 13 complete a Charity Challenge Activity during their iLearn sessions for specific charities.  Impact – full student awareness of local, national and global events and needs as a result of disasters and tragedies.





Charity Collections  (within and beyond Academy)

  • (All students) participate in themed days for various local, national and international charities. In July, we raised funds for Green for Grenfell and discussed the impact on that community and how it linked to RWBA.. Impact – students value what they have and the type of life they have, and what others do not have and that giving is a rewarding value.  Exposure to local, national and international needs.

 Christmas Jumper Day for Save The Children, Barnados,









Personal Development Presentation Days  (within and beyond Academy)

  • Students of all Year Groups have benefited from receiving talks on safe behaviours and responsibilities from Wiltshire Fire, Wiltshire Police, the SWAT Team on firearms, School and Wiltshire Nurses, The British Army, various E-Safety organisations, Road Safety and SARC. All students and staff evaluate each day so that constant improvements can be made. Impact – Evaluations on PD Days demonstrates that this type of informal teaching from professionals in organisations is impactful on the knowledge, awareness and behaviours of students.


Productions  (within and beyond Academy)

  • Our previous production was Wizard of Oz and the KS3 Drama Group have put on their version of Wicked.  Impact – several SEN students belonged to this event, voluntarily.  It has improved confidence and highlighted a strong sense of belonging amongst the wider community.

Alt Bacc (Alternative Baccalaurate - Personalised Alternative Course) Students and their work with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust  (within and beyond the Academy)

  • Year 9 students visit Greatwood (rehabilitating retired race horses) and Year 8 students work Westonbirt Arboretum on self-development programmes.  Impact – developing confidence and self-esteem.

  • Our Year 10 students have supported Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Jubilee Lake, planting and creating resources from wood to sell through enterprise initiatives.  Impact – this initiative provided students who would normally shy away from interacting with unfamiliar situations and adults, an opportunity to shine and excel. 

Holocaust and Genocide Events  (within and beyond the Academy)

  • Our Lead Teacher for H&G Education has just been awarded an MBE, such is the impact of her work at RWBA and beyond.

  • Since 2009 Year 9 students have followed a programme of activities and events linked with Holocaust and Global Genocide.  This linked with their RE and History curricula and students created memorials that included displays, poems, 3D structures, artwork and recorded songs. 




  • Many global leaders and leading names (ranging from Stephen Spielberg to Nelson Mandela) wrote to the students to demonstrate their support of the event. To date the Academy has received 2000+ such letters from survivors, world leaders, public figures, actors and sports personalities.

  • Since 2009 the original Year 9 programme has expanded to a whole school, cross curricular and holistic programme of Holocaust, genocide and human rights (HGP).

  • Students attend assemblies, lectures and workshops from a range of experts in the field including Martin Bell (Journalist and Politician) who discussed Global Genocide and consequences.

  • They have discussed their work with a number of Holocaust survivors who told them of her experiences. To date some 9,500+ RWBA students have heard directly from at least one Holocaust survivor

  • Along with members of the community, partner schools and our own parents, we offer a range of family and community learning opportunities. A rich calendar of opportunities to hear from survivors, experts, public figures, panels, debates and memorial events exists and participation of over 6,500 community members since 2009.

  • We are locally, nationally and internationally recognised for this work and have contributed to the Prime Minister’s Commission for Holocaust education and continue to partner (evidence submitted to Commission available to view); our staff leadership, expertise and students experience has significantly shaped its recommendations and we continue to led the way in best practice; culminating in our annual ‘Empowering Young People to Change the World’ national teachers conference.

  • Our Holocaust Ambassadors offer role models and leadership to fellow students and our distinctive approach has ensured independent thinking, empathetic and active global citizenship.


  • The HGP forms a considerable part of the schools commitment to academic excellence and whole person development and it is evident when talking to students or touring the school the pride and enthusiasm in this unique, innovative and evolving programme.





  •  Impact – this exposes the students to actual survivors and witnesses of global atrocities - informing, engaging, inspiring and empowering our young people to change the world.  The students use their creativity to demonstrate their understanding of difficult issues such as death, prejudice and torture but also forgiveness. 

  • The students are also provided with deep understanding of the Jewish faith and tackle sensitive and controversial issues essential to a global understanding. Students pre and post programme surveys testify to the change in thinking, feeling and action as a consequence of participation in the programme.













Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The D of E Award scheme at RWBA is co-ordinated by Emma Stevens who oversees the running of the award. Year 10 are enrolled on the Bronze award, Year 11’s Silver and Year 12s and 13 completing their Gold award. Grown massively in popularity over past 3 years, currently over 75 students enrolled including our Alt Bacc students. Students are able to fit their volunteering, physical and skill activities around their school and home life. The local external and RWBA community has benefitted significantly from the volunteer work our students have carried out. The D of E Award is internationally recognized, and is of great benefit for students’ confidence, well-being and skills.

Gold Award

2013 was the first year we had our first students complete their Gold Awards. Last year 27 Year 12 students enrolled on the Gold scheme. We use The Adventure Academy as our Approved Activity Provider to train and assess our Gold students. Since 2015 we have been sufficiently trained in school to run the Gold award internally.










Silver Award

Last year over 42 enrolled to complete their Silver Award. They have just completed their training expedition and will be completing their qualifying expedition at the end of April in the New Forest.

Bronze Award

Last year over 120 enrolled for the Bronze award. Mainly Year 10 students, they have 2 practise expeditions in March and May and then will be completing their qualifying expedition in June in the Marlborough Downs.


D of E Awards Celebration Evening

Since the first inaugural award evening in 2014 to celebrate students’ achievements, where we listened to inspirational speeches by David Hempleman-Adams, in February 2015 we heard from Mr Andy Torbet. In 2016, we were lucky enough to listen to Mollie Hughes who was one of the youngest females to ever climb Everest. In 2018, Mr Chris Sainsbury who led our Expedition to Ghana in 2017 spoke to the students. The evenings are a fantastic celebration of success and pride and it raises awareness of the award itself.








Family Learning Events  (within and beyond Academy)





Fishing Years 7 to 9 students (approx 20 students) were invited with Parents to Jubilee Lake to participate in some quality family time.  The families are also catered for with a BBQ and awards from the Environment Agency.  This is an annual project and has been widely attended for 7 years.  The criteria has always been to invite students who deserve a reward for overcoming underachievement or de-motivation in school, or lacking in confidence or low self-esteem.  Pupil Premium funded most of this event for students on FSM.




One World (used to be Mission X 2011–18)

  • Project started 5 years ago as a way of promoting RWBA within the community and ensuring that prospective pupils were able to visualise life in the school, thus lowering anxiety levels.

  • It has grown from year to year, and now we offer in excess of 900 pupil places each year. The cross-curricular project runs from January to Easter and has been hugely popular with both parents and children. The sessions run after school and subject specialists deliver sessions with an inclusive theme.  Some examples include Samba Music, African Mono Prints and Robot Programming, Science run a very popular Harry Potter themed session creating potions and spells. Subjects covered are IT, Science, Drama, Art, English, Humanities, DT, PE, Music and maths.

  • Rigorous tracking takes place to ensure that all feeder schools (approx. 38) are offered places, and partner schools and parents are now very good at signing up and managing places. Most children are offered 3-4 sessions from the selection they make and the feedback from parents, children and other parties is outstanding. Impact – The project manages anxiety and creates a sense of excitement and belonging to RWBA, very appreciated amongst students and parents alike.


The Power of 10 (2014-2018)

  • Phil Smith (SSCO) created a group of Year 9s who could train, coach and lead sporting events around the county.  The Young Leaders have umpired at the North Wilts Sports Cluster, run Cross Country Competitions and supported the “Legacy Games” where over 150 Primary School children participated.  Impact – The group creates Young Leaders who grow in confidence and independence.






Primary School Liaison linking with Art Department (2012-2018)

  • For the past 6 years the Art department has run a collection of workshops with the aim of promoting links with the primary schools.  Each year workshops begin with the primary school teachers gaining CPD training in the allotted technique.  Year 6 students then attend hourly slots whereby they work with sixth form students.  This has encouraged sixth form students into primary teaching and Art career pathways. The sessions have had extremely positive feedback as students feel more confident about the transition to RWBA, gain a greater breadth of experience within the subject of Art and the primary teachers appreciate the diversity of skills offered. 


    Clay workshop with Broadtown Primary








    Screenprinting workshop with Purton Primary School












    Felt making workshop with Longleaze School.






Students working with Outside Artists.


  • Artists are continually encouraged to work with the students at RWBA and projects are diverse and ongoing.  Over the years these have proved highly beneficial to students across all Key stages in encouraging their passion and skills for the subject.  Most recent projects include working with the artist Josh Bryan and internationally famous sculptor Mark Humphreys.