Attendance Guidance

At RWBA we recognise that regular attendance at school is the most critical element in ensuring academic success. Regular attendance promotes academic attainment and allows students to make the best progress. We have a clear expectation that students should attend 100% of the time. Obviously we understand that sometimes absences from school are unavoidable, especially in times of ill health, injury, family bereavement. In such cases parents should contact the school as soon as possible. 01793 841957. Is the dedicated absence line or speak directly to the Year Team. Every absence from school should be explained in this way on the same day of absence. Authorisation of absences will be at the discretion of the school. An accumulation of unauthorised absences will lead to meetings with the Year team and possible referral to the local authority.
Despite some absences being unavoidable we expect all students to attend over 95% of the time.

School starts at 8.40 and all students are expected to be in ILearn before 8.40 ready for registration. It is important that all students are punctual for this first session of the day as attending iLearn ensures students are ready and prepared for their learning. the tutors also give out important notices and are able to support students with their emotional needs..

There are 190 school days per year and 175 other days for holidays, birthday treats and non-urgent appointments. RWBA will not authorise any holidays or time off during term time. We may consider authorising individual requests for time off in exceptional circumstances. These requests must be submitted to Mrs Salmon, Assistant Headteacher in advance and will be considered on an individual basis.

Some students require time off school to attend sporting events, play in music concerts, receive specialist coaching or competing in national/International competitions. Any requests for time off will be considered however any time off authorised or unauthorised will impact on the academic progress of students.

Any significant periods of unexplained or unauthorised absences will be investigated and Parents/Carers will be expected to meet with the Year team to address the attendance concerns these periods of absence could result in a fixed penalty notice fine from the local authority.


0 days off school                                             =              100%      =             Perfection

Equates to 2 days off school each Year      =             99%         =             Excellent

Equates to 5 days off school each Year      =             97%         =             Good

Equates to 10 days off school each year    =             95%         =             Slight concern, Parents will be notified

of concerns.


Equates to 20 days off school each year    =             90%          =             Concerning – classified at

Persistent Absentee


Equates to 30 days off school each year    =             85%          =             Very Concerning

Following changes to Government standards any students whose attendance falls below 95% will be considered a "Persistent Absentee". This means students are at serious risk of failing to make the progress expected of them and could lead to them not achieving their potential.

Attendance rewards
Badges each term = 30 achievement points.
Tutor group competition each term rewarding winners with a non uniform day.
Certificates for 100%.

Improving attendance.
Attendance is initially monitored by the students tutor, if attendance falls, support can be put in place for individuals with specific issues relating to attendance. Students can speak with their tutor, or year team.  Parents can receive support from the year team and school staff. Referrals could be made to the parent support advisor, educational welfare officer, school nurse team, school counsellor or other external agencies.

Letters/emails are sent out on a termly basis to all parents of students with an attendance below 95%. This is followed with further letters if improvements are not made.

Should attendance drop below 90, school attendance meetings will be held with the year team, parents and students and an action plan will be agreed to promote improved attendance. These plans will be reviewed and if improvements are not made referral will be made to the educational welfare officer.

School attendance is the responsibility of the Parents/Carers and it is expected that Parents/Carers  adhere to the above guidance.